Virtual Meet

enables access to live classes &
manage all the academic works
in one platform to make data protective & work easy.

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Virtual Meet

enhanced academic tools

virtual meet tools makes work great in sharing docs,assigning works and with auto attendance recorder and in all aspects in one platform makes easier.

online classroom

live classes with fascinating topics and instant doubt solving paying attention towards class anwsering to sudden pollings on the topics making more interactive.

data encrypted

this is a security method where information is encoed and can only be accessed or decrypted by a user with the correct encryption this the data is inaccessible to unauthorized users that protects information,senstive data and keep your data secure.

Virtual Meet supports:

an unique enhanced academic portal and virtual class platform.

student utilities

  • Student Profile

    All student info at one place.

  • Course Content

    All Registered Courses details,files,
    assignments at one place

  • Attendance

    No more attendance tensions.
    All subject wise attendance at one place with beautiful visualization

  • Results

    no need of running here and there for results.
    All subject wise Results at one place with performace visualization

  • time table

    easy access time table outlook of the day to day class allows you to plan your day

  • Feedback

    a way to tell the draw backs in the teaching and academic functioning.

  • notifications

    where all upcoming academic events workshops, and prioritze information came to know.

  • Live class

    making live interactive classes to acquire knowledge.

mentor utilities

  • mentor Profile

    All the Registered student details in place

  • Course handling details

    Checking the correct details Of the handling classes

  • Work space

    providing the course notes,files ,
    Assignments and quizzes to Handling classes.

  • Attandance Marking

    Marking the student attendance digitally creats transparency in attendance.
    automated attendance-mark(optional)

  • Time table

    TO View the course & handling timings a/c to sechudle

  • Announcements

    making prior intimations & instructions to handling Classes..

  • Notifications

    knowing of institution meetings & information going to happen and to attend a/c.

  • Live Classrooms

    Gathering in one platform & teaching the Topics by clearning doubts instantly,and conducting live polling questions to create more intrest.

admin utilities

  • Admin Profile

    To check the registration details of the Institution and administration details.

  • Creating branches and course

    Assigning branch & course handling to faculty .

  • Workspace

    Assigning works and Academic programs to precise faculty.

  • Perfomance Monitoring

    Can check the class performances,work completions & have live conferences.

  • Announcements

    declare all upcoming events, meetings,academic-related posts

Our Goal

simple secure afforadable

Digital learning in India is going to be the key face of future education in the subcontinent. It is surprising to see how smart technologies are changing the overall educational framework in the country. The penetration of digital education into the hinterland / rural market is evolving fast. Affordable high-speed internet and direct-to-device technologies are empowering rural students to study courses online and improve their skills and knowledge.

we thrive to provide simple to use ,secured from world online Management services so the teacher can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning